Fairfield Village 06-28-2017

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Father's Day


By Priscilla Barnett

On Saturday, June 17, the gentlemen were treated to a pizza and ice cream party to compensate for the splendid way they treated the ladies for Mother’s Day. The Social Club, led by President Bart Rich and Activities Director Connie Dorer, along with lots of “helpers,” served pizza and ice cream to the gents and to the ladies present as well.

The Mother’s Day breakfast had been served based on the traditional idea of moms being treated to breakfast (maybe in bed) by their children. Of course, there were no children present for us seniors and there certainly were no beds set up in the FFV Clubhouse. However, the moms (and any other of the FFV ladies present) were treated to a delicious breakfast that brought back many special memories for some of us who were fortunate enough to have had that special treatment at some time in our “careers” as moms. The consensus of the planners for the Father’s Day party was that most dads would not want breakfast, but many fathers or “father figures” would certainly enjoy pizza with ice cream for dessert. So the ladies chose that way to honor the gentlemen of Fairfield Village.

There were games with prizes and drawings for prizes (some rather comical) with the guys getting big laughs and showing happy smiles for the efforts to honor them.

All in all, the slogan “…a lively place filled with lovely (gentlemen) people” again was quite the order of the day. Connie Dorer declared the evening a success and thanked all the ladies who helped to make it such a fun time.

Enjoy the hot steamy Central Florida summer time with the addition of the wonderful rain.