Quail Meadow 04-05-2017

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Red Hot Fillies enjoy lunch

By Carolyn Slocumb

The Red Hot Fillies of the Meadow enjoyed a great lunch at McAlister’s last week. If you have never eaten there, be prepared for huge servings! You have never seen such humongous baked potatoes! There were only 12 ladies able to attend the luncheon. It’s hard to find a day and time when everyone can attend.

You know, once you retire, you are busier than you ever were when you were working.

The next meeting of the Red Hatters will be on Thursday, April 27, at 10 a.m. This will be a business meeting at the Clubhouse. Plans will be made for the next several months.

This Friday, the 7th, is First Friday night at the Clubhouse. Bring some snacks and join us for an evening of fellowship; it is a good time to get acquainted with your neighbors. This is for all QM residents.

Two very important dates are happening this week: The first is Sunday, April 9, which is celebrated as Palm Sunday by Christians everywhere. This is the beginning of Holy Week. Palm Sunday commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem before His crucifixion and resurrection. The Bible (all four Gospels) tells us about how the people threw palm branches on the road for Jesus, who was on a donkey, to ride on – thus we have “Palm” Sunday. Many churches give worshippers a piece of a palm branch on this day as a reminder of the events that took place after the triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

The next event is Monday, the 10th, the beginning of Passover, a very important Jewish holiday season.

It is traditional for Jewish families to gather on the first night of Passover for a special dinner called a Seder. The table is set with the finest china and silverware to reflect the importance of the meal.

During this meal, the story of the Exodus from Egypt is retold using a special text called the Haggadah. Four cups of wine are consumed at various stages in the narrative.

The Haggadah divides the night’s procedure into 15 parts: these 15 parts parallel the 15 steps in the Temple in Jerusalem on which the Levites stood during Temple services. The adults are encouraged to ask and answer questions during the meal. The children are rewarded with nuts and candies when they ask questions and participate in the discussion of the Exodus and its aftermath. Likewise, they are encouraged to search for the afikoman, the piece of matzo which is the last thing eaten at the Seder. Passover ends at nightfall on April 18.

Reminder: No line dancing tonight (April 5) and Wednesday, the 12th. Dancing will resume on the 19th.

The Social Committee will meet on Tuesday, the 11th, to finalize plans for the Spring Fling dinner/dance scheduled for the 22nd. Tickets are available from Grace Maguire and Dottie Hefferon.