Quail Meadow 05-17-2017

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Get your pizza party tickets


By Carolyn Slocumb

Last call to get your tickets for the Pizza Party: Tickets are available from Grace Maguire and Dottie Hefferon. This is going to be a fun night at the Clubhouse, so make your reservations today!

The First Friday gathering was enjoyed by about 35 QM residents. Poppi (R Music 4 You) played a great variety of music for listening and dancing. Shortly after arriving at the Clubhouse someone said to look outside at the sky: There was the most beautiful rainbow; in fact, there was a very faint 2nd one just above the main bow. This rainbow was a complete half-circle. Isn’t it great living where we have such beautiful skies to view? We are so fortunate to be able to view the wonderful universe created for us by God. Every time I see a rainbow, I am reminded of the Biblical story of Noah and the appearance of the rainbow (Genesis 9:13-17).

May 5th is known as Cinco de Mayo – the Mexican celebration of the Mexican army’s unexpected victory over the French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The Mexican army was made up of about 4,000 men and the French army had 8,000 men and had not been defeated in almost 50 years. Here in the US the date is a celebration of Mexican-American culture – we especially enjoy the Mexican food!

Red Hatters: Lunch on Thursday, May 25, at Las Margaritas. Meet at the Clubhouse at 11:15 a.m. to carpool to the restaurant.

The Red Hot Fillies of the Meadow will also be gathering at Las Margaritas for lunch on Thursday, the 25th. Please let Dixie Marchant or Joan Christopher know if you plan to attend.

The monthly QMPOA meeting was held last week. This monthly meeting is open to all QM homeowners. There are several items that are being looked into concerning our community. One important item is the need for four (4) board members for next year. If you would like to serve in this capacity, please contact any of the current board members – election of officers will be held in December. Several people noticed the broken light fixture on the entrance at NW 44th Avenue; this is being replaced with all new fixtures. We bid farewell to Diana Shaner who is leaving our area. Diana has been a faithful member of the QMPOA Board of Directors for several years. Good luck, Diana, in your new home.

With summer upon us, many of our residents will be heading north, and others will be taking vacations. Please keep a watch on your neighbors’ homes while they are away.

If you see any suspicious activity, please contact the Marion County Sheriff; just call 911.