Stone Creek 04-05-2017

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Trash or treasure: Take your pick

By Patricia Gizzi


What do they say, “One man’s junk is another’s treasure.” Residents of Stone Creek found out if this adage was correct as the Lifestyle Office had the first ever – Junk in the Trunk Sale. For $15, you could get a spot in the Reunion Parking lot to sell your items. You could display from the trunk of your vehicle or on tables behind your car. If you didn’t want to bring unsold items back home with you, there was no worries as the Lifestyle Office had a truck from Goodwill come and collect unsold items.

This was the first community wide sale as individual neighborhoods have sponsored garage sales with Buckhead neighborhood being the first. This was great as all was assembled in one place.

There was music by the Terry Cole Band and food trucks were on site serving snacks, lunch and drinks. What a great way to spend part of a Saturday – looking for bargains or treasures or letting go of treasures and meeting neighbors and friends! It looked like a successful event as the parking lot in the adjacent parking lot was full.

To complete the treasure part of the equation, the Leisure Arts group sponsored a craft fair. The people in the craft show are very talented and there were all kinds of crafts and paintings, photography available to purchase. The club had a raffle on a huge basket filled with many items that were made by members of the club. The basket had a table runner and apron, golf tee bag, golf club covers, hand painted flamingo ornament, landscaping painting, water and light house painting, water color painting, knitted afghan, wine bags and wine, greeting cards, sun catcher wine glass and bracelets all donated by the various groups in the Leisure Arts. Tickets were $1 for one ticket or 6 tickets for $5. Some lucky person went home with many treasures and that lucky person who won this amazing basket is Mary Platt. Probably, Mary’s best $1 or $5 investment! The Leisure Arts group also provided coffee, water and snacks. To trash and treasures!