Stone Creek news 05-17-2017

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A new amenity


By Patricia Gizzi

Del Webb is excited to bring a new amenity to Stone Creek in June! The long awaited dog park is coming to Stone Creek.

A group of dog lovers formed an advocacy group for the creation of the park. The group included the following people: Gloria and Charles Salvaggio, Frank Doughty and Rosemary Monahan.

This group met with the CAAC and then met with the HOA Board Presidents, first Angel and now Debbie, over the last year with the guidance and support of Rick Morang, the Community Manager.

This group, with input from other dog lovers made recommendations and requests for desired features for the park. They suggested two separate parks with separate entrances for large and small dogs. This would be a safety issue.

They requested areas of shade, seating, dog agility equipment and water for both dogs and their owners. They offered the suggestion for the name of park – Reflection Bay Dog Park as it will be situated in the Reflection Bay area of Stone Creek. This advocacy group worked hard and thanks all the residents for their input and also Rick Morang for his help and support on behalf of the group.

As everyone knows who lives in Stone Creek, the resident dog owners love their dogs.

You often will see a dog riding in a carriage type vehicle or in the golf cart. These dogs are well loved and taken care of and now they will enjoy a place to run and play.

It will also become a place for owners to come and meet while their dogs play.

The notice from Del Webb Pulte reads as follows:

The long awaited dog park will be opening soon. It will be divided into two sections with a center pavilion for residents to be able to sit in the shade. One section will be for large dogs only and the other for small to medium sized dogs. There will be a double gated entry to make sure the dogs can be kept separate from one another (large vs. small) when entering and leaving the park. There will also be dog play equipment and water stations. Park is set to open in June 2017 with a grand opening event!