“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”

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By Pat Wellington

“Maybe You Should Talk to Someone”

By Lori Gottlieb

Here’s a non-fiction book that pulls back the curtain on the therapy process.  Psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb helps patients looking for answers like the egotistic television producer, the newlywed with terminal cancer, and a senior citizen contemplating suicide.

In her down time Gottlieb seeks help herself of a specific kind. She wants to find a therapist who will agree with her that the lover who recently dumped her is a beast.

Lori, a single mother to 8-year-old Zach, was planning a wedding with the man she dubs Boyfriend. Then he suddenly broke it off because although his own children were in college, it would be ten years before Zach left the nest.  Laura’s friends support her in calling Boyfriend a kid hater.  But she can’t get her wise therapist, Wendell, to agree that Boyfriend’s a monster. Instead, he gradually guides her into finally seeing that Boyfriend had been dropping huge clues for a very long time about not wanting to live with young children.

In sharing her insights into her professional life and her own journey through therapy she does so in clear, conversational language.

In this fly-on-the-wall view of therapy, Gottlieb’s devotion and effort to help her patients, along with their own courage to take risks, shows us how the therapeutic process is like no other. And we discover that she, like her select group of patients, can deceive herself about the real cause of her underlying problem.

Here’s a memoir that normalizes therapy by breaking down the stigma surrounding it and making it possible for more people to seek help. One reader says that when you close this book you can’t go back to who you were before.

Lori Gottlieb lives in Los Angeles where she writes a “Dear Therapist” advice column.