Amendments are topics at Friday Forum, SR 200 Coalition

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Former County Commissioner Judy Johnson will speak Monday, Sept. 10, at the SR 200 Coalition meeting and Friday, Sept. 14, at Friday Forum on the pros and cons of proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution on the November ballot. Numbers have varied drastically from 64 down to the current 13 of which three are still under court appeal.

The League of Women Voters wrote, “of the 13 amendments on this year’s ballot, eight were proposed by the Constitution Revision Commission (CRC which meets every 20 years), three by the Florida Legislature and two by citizen initiative. To pass, each of them must receive at least 60 percent approval by voters. This is the first time that constitutional amendments proposed by a CRC have faced the 60-percent hurdle, which voters approved in 2006. Before then, amendments just needed a simple majority for approval. Unless otherwise indicated, changes to the Constitution take effect Jan. 8, 2019.”

The CRC is allowed to bundle different issues into each proposal while those submitted by the legislature or citizen initiative can contain only one distinct question.

No matter what the court may rule with reference to amendment 13, Joyce Carta, chairperson of the nonpartisan Committee to Protect Greyhounds, also will appear to share the group’s continuing efforts to ban dog racing as a pretext for legal gambling.

The SR 200 Coalition starts with coffee and cookies at 12:30 p.m. followed by the meeting at 1 p.m. at Timber Ridge Building 5000 Suite 5001. The public is encouraged to attend.

The Friday Forum of Marion County, a luncheon/discussion group, meets on the second Friday of each month at the Golden Corral, 2111 SW State Road 200, Ocala. The public is always welcome. Please email FridayForumofMarionCounty@gmail.com or telephone Delphine Herbert at 352-873-9970 for more information.