Fairfield Village 04-05-2017

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Did you pull any April Fools pranks?

By Priscilla Barnett

Many of us take issue with the use of the word “fool” because we were taught as children that the use of the word was not only very demeaning but also very wrong by Biblical standards. However, if it does not bother one, the act of pulling jokes on others on April 1 is just a comical tradition capped off by playing a fairly obvious trick and then announcing “April Fool”!

Personally, I don’t have a fondness for the day nor do I have an aversion to it. It’s just another day to me…well, usually. LOL

One thing is certain however, the Scarlet Ladies were not pulling a joke on our community when they announced, planned, and presented a terrific time for everyone with their first ever April Fools Day Dance. It was so much fun!

Of course, that is not a real surprise to anyone because, with the excellent leadership of “Queen” Cathy Leady, it is just accepted that the event will be exceptional. This was certainly no exception.

Congratulations to Cathy and all those who assisted in presenting an evening of so much fun for those who attended.

It is no “April Fools” joke when we talk about the beautiful spring flowers that are in bloom all around “Fair”field Village. The lilies this year are just outrageously gorgeous, and we all are enjoying these beautiful crimson blooms whether in our own yard or in someone else’s.

Even though we had a very mild winter season this year, we can still acknowledge that the beauty of spring never fails to give us all a jumpstart.

There is no end to the number of things that can be said about living in Central Florida, avoiding the cold and snow, enjoying what would be a very early spring in other parts of the country, and taking advantage of all the wonderful attractions and activities in our “little corner of the world.”

Add to that the enthusiastic social activities provided by our Social Club and the Scarlet Ladies, and one finds that there is no end to the pleasures of any season.

From Fairfield Village, the “lively place filled with lovely people,” we urge everyone to get out, take a leisurely stroll, find joy in even the ordinary days, and just absorb all the beauty around us.

No April Fools Joke---wishing happiness and joy for everyone.