Grandma Strikes Again

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“I Remember Mama”

Surely I’m not the only one who remembers that wonderful television program from years ago (the days of black and white TV).  It was called “I Remember Mama,” and it was a very nostalgic and lovely show about a sweet lady with her hair up in a bun working in the kitchen with the full apron cooking up something that you would swear you could smell drifting from that old small screen TV set.

I remember my “Mama,” and I know all you readers do too. Some of us have wonderful memories; some have less than wonderful, but we all have those memories even if we made up some of them.

Personally, I did not have to make up anything because my mama was as good as I could have dreamed up.  She, on the other hand, had to make up stories because she never knew her mother. I did not know that until I was about 12 years old because she wanted us kids to think that she had a wonderful childhood like she was creating for us.  She was a masterful creator, that’s for sure.  

My childhood was filled with my mama spending what people today call “quality time” with us kids.  I didn’t know it was “quality.”  It was just our family and we loved each other.

 We played games — inside and outdoors.  We built camps with sheets and chairs on cold or rainy days, and we had picnics outside on sunny, beautiful days.

 My sister, mama and I played with baby dolls, and bride dolls, and paper dolls. We had all kinds of dolls. They were so much fun.  

 We had a tea set and a little table to set it up so that the dolls could enjoy their tea. They had different little bonnets that we would swap around so that they could come dressed beautifully to have their afternoon tea.

We each had our own dainty little china teacup so that we could enjoy our “Kool-Aid” tea along with the dolls.  And yes, we had homemade sugar cookies or brownies regularly because mama made sure the house always smelled scrumptious from something that had cooked in that old oven.

 When I was almost 9 years old, my little brother was born, and some of the time that had been just for my younger sister and me now had to be shared with “him.”  We grudgingly shared our mama with the baby, but we still enjoyed our moments when it was just us three “ladies.”

I know there is a very special relationship between mothers and sons.  I have a truly wonderful one with my son. However, today, I am writing about how we ladies remember our moms mostly because, well, that’s who I am.

My mom taught me to be honest, to be fair, to be genuine, to be hard working, to be loyal, to be studious, to be modest, to be loving, and most of all to be a LADY.

Thank you, mama.  You were and still are my inspiration, my guiding star, and the “lady” I hope I turned out to be.

I sincerely hope all you MOMs (WOWs) had a fantastic Mother’s Day and celebrated just the way you wanted.


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