Letter to the editor 09-21-2016

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Donations properly used
There are increasing discoveries of fraudulent so-called “nonprofit charity” organizations who deceive the public with their promises that donations will be used to relieve the needs of families with children, or some other specific segment of the public.
Some of these groups go for years ignoring the fact that the “IRS nonprofit” in their description means just that, nonprofit. They use donated funds for personal expenses and call it their “salary”. This is an easy way to a “salary” since usually no one is inquiring just how much this salary is or whether or not it is justified as to services and/or hours of labor rendered.
Our Life Education Ministry website states that “100% of donations are used directly to finance pro-life work and there is no compensation to any member of this ministry as all work efforts are donated at no charge”. Also stated is that “office space, utilities, telephone, and internet service fees are provided free of charge”.
Because Life Education Ministry is a designated “IRS 501-C-3 nonprofit organization”, we go beyond the stated IRS guidelines and also donate the free-of-charge items listed above.
We invite anyone, whether or not you have ever donated to the ministry, to personally examine our donation files, expense files, checkbooks, and bank statements. We urge individuals or interested groups to make their own audit of Life Education Ministry.
With the proliferation of fraudulent schemes being discovered, our ministry would consider it a service to us for such examination of our records.
Mabel Ryan
President, Life Education Ministry, Inc.

The Wrong Direction
A recent letter, 1960 vs 2016, correctly pointed out the “mis-direction” America is heading through the loss of family values and common decency. This is accelerated by a press that preaches division on a regular basis.
I believe when we move as we have, away from God, from biblical values, away from family structure, we are on the path for destruction, the end of America as we know it. We may join the list of Nations that don’t make it 250 years, suffering from the same ills they did.
Perhaps leading the way is the obvious lack of respect being shown by our younger generations. We have too many with their hand out, forgetting President Kennedy’s words, “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”
We have been witnessing some of the most disgusting, ungrateful behavior imaginable with selfish millionaire athletes displaying total disrespect for our nation, our National Anthem.
and Just what are these athletes protesting? America is a land of freedom and opportunity, not guarantees! No other country provides the opportunities America does, for ALL races, but it calls for individuals to take responsibility for their own lives, their own future. No one owes them anything more than is readily available. Individuals impose limitations on themselves by not taking personal responsibility for their lives. Stop blaming others and look in the mirror.
Not one of them should be able to play a single down until they publicly apologize for their disgraceful behavior. They insulted every American, especially those who have given their lives for our country. I invite them to come to any veterans’ meeting anywhere and sound off about how they disrespect our National Anthem and country. Do you want to see how that works out for you?
What social injustice? Every child born in America has the right to go to a public school that is integrated, with teachers who attempt to teach all students. There have been affirmative action policies in place for over 50 years that have given blacks preferential treatment in getting continuing education and in getting jobs. The opportunity has been there, not guarantees.
Our young, regardless of race, need to determine what future they want for themselves as individuals. Look to decent leaders, like Charles Barkley and T J Sotomayor who tell it like it is, about the direction you choose. There are thousands of black success stories, work to emulate them. America is the only country that offers such freedom and opportunity, take advantage of it.
God bless America!
Wayne Rackley