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Trump a Joke, Newspaper Too Big, Love the Paper

Trump an Embarrassment

I am surprised that D. L. Larson branded my reply to his letter as “fallacious” without listing any untruths. Perhaps that is because there weren’t any.

For those who have not been following this saga, in his original letter, D. L. Larson repeated Donald Trump’s lie that the Green New Deal bans air travel. If he would read the text, he would learn that it does no such thing. Then D. L. Larson warned us about corrupt, power-hungry and greedy leaders, not realizing that he was precisely describing Donald Trump and I pointed that out in my reply. I am not “filled with hate for Trump.” I do believe that he is an embarrassment and unqualified to be anywhere near the White House.

If D. L. Larson really believes, “invectives do not make life any better . . . “he should refrain from calling me “clueless.” I do love reading too and unlike D. L. Larson, I support education. I volunteer in the public schools and I see our dedicated teachers and administrators providing the next generation with the tools that they need to succeed.

Oh, and one more thing, D. L. Larson. My name is not “Donald.”

Daniel Lack


Paper is Too Large

My wife and I agree with the lady from last week's Citizen who stated the Citizen's new size is much more difficult to handle. Perhaps the decision that went into this new size didn't take into account you are serving an area of the county that is saturated with senior citizens.

Dan Stifflear


Love the New Paper

I love the new Citizen.  Easier to read, easier to hold, full of great content.  Thank you. 

Judy Little

Oak Run

Losing Freedom Writer was Right

This letter is in reply to the letter titled, “Losing Freedom writer losing it” in the April 12, 2019 edition of the South Marion Citizen.

I cannot congratulate the gentleman who formulated a reply to the letter titled “Losing Freedom.” First of all, you state that the letter to which you object was written or printed April 25, 2019.  This may be an editing error, but if it isn’t, you have responded to a letter which has not yet been written. You refer to the Democratic House of Representatives when I am sure that you mean Democrat House of Representatives.

The corrupt government that the “Losing Freedom” writer was referring to is the abuse of power or inaction by unelected bureaucrats. Here are a couple of examples.

Late last year a federal audit revealed that food stamp trafficking swindles the government out of more than a billion dollars a year while the Department of Agriculture sits by. This fraud costs the taxpayers 64 billion dollars a year to provide more than 20 million households with free food.

During the run-up to the 16th Amendment, President Woodrow Wilson promised Americans that only those earning more than $10,000 (about $100,000 in today’s dollars) per year would even pay taxes and the tax rate would never exceed 3 percent now (37 percent). In the beginning, that was so; but within four years families were taxed on all income above $1,000 and the top rate had risen to 76 percent, demonstrating how the elected class lies without compunction.

Addressing the Social Security and Medicare references, I ask the following questions. Are we allowed to opt out of either program (crickets chirping)? The answer is no. If these programs are such wondrous creations then the monies that we have put into these programs (at least Social Security) should be able to pay all of the recipients if the program contributions were stopped tomorrow. Does anyone think if FICA deductions were stopped tomorrow that the monthly checks would continue?

As far as the lies about FDR to which the replier objected, here are a few truths. FDR said that we would never have to pay taxes on Social Security (how’s that working out for you) and he made references to packing the Supreme Court if he didn’t receive approval for all of his legislative initiatives.

Finally from the pen of Thomas Sowell.

“It is hard to image a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.”

The writer of the letter “Losing Freedom” was absolutely correct when he said that we were losing our freedom. The problem is being able recognize it. You could say that some just lack understanding.

James Dean

Majestic Oaks