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We’re Not Achieving Progress

Don’t you think it is ironic that people whose development is stranded in the 7th century are trying to force people, who have been making progress for the past 1400, how they must live their lives? The retarded, those with arrested development, are the smart people.  How do you justify that? Why have humans wasted all that time and energy looking for better ways to live on this planet? Why is it called progress?

The battle is between progress and barbarism. We still have a great distance to travel. This is the age of greed and corruption. Boomer boobs, gen x’ers, and E.H. (empty Heads, formally known as millennials) have ushered in the era of selfishness and indolence. They want it all for free. John Dewey’s agenda has been successful beyond his wildest dreams. These groups have been so successfully brainwashed and propagandized; Dewey gets an A+++.

Two groups are vying for control of the planet. The globalists and the Islamists. However, a few can see the course they are trying to force history to take and are resisting. Have you decided what your choice will be? Have you made a choice which world you want to live in? A sane world, a barbaric world, or an enslaved world? Those are your choices. Stand up and be counted now or live with the consequences of your indolence.

The world is bigger than just your personal tiny little circle, but the bigger world does affect your life. You can ignore or deny it at your peril. Like it or not, you will be caught in the whirlpool of what occurs.

The human brain needs more study. When humans have striven for thousands of years to achieve Freedom, and then are willing to see it taken away for few baubles, the brain needs an overhaul, scrutiny. I will die; soon, you will suffer if you let this happen. Your choice.

D.I. Larson     


Newspaper Too Big

The new size is terrible! Very hard to handle. And the crossword page is extremely difficult.  Please go back to the original size.

Carol Heidt


Ocala Politicians Sleep at the Wheel

Just yesterday I saw on the news two stories about two city commissioners that both stated how much they care about the citizens of their communities and how they want to do things that will benefit their citizens to make big money to spend in their communities.

Orange County Commissioner Betsy Vanderley announced the building of Central Park New York in Orlando, Florida. A huge park with a mega amphitheater for major concerts to come to. And Daytona Beach Commissioner Ruth Trager announced the coming of Amazon warehouse that will provide jobs paying $21 an hour. So I have to wonder what has Ocala commissioners done for us? The answer is not much.

We have no high-paying jobs thanks to the horse farm folks and men folk that do not want changes for us all. We have no major concert venue for people like Billy Joel, Cher, Elton John, U-2, etc... to perform at.

All we have is more of the same. Banks and credit unions and Race Tracks and Wawas opening everywhere. Close one down open another right next door to the closed one. New empty shopping malls right next to old big empty closed ones. 

Let's build more housing so we can have more traffic we can't handle and more people that will also not have good jobs available to them here. It makes me wonder what are our city officials really doing other than collecting a paycheck?

A new movie theater is coming that will feature recliner seats and cheaper ticket prices that will make the Marion Theater & Regal Cinema most likely close down. As do many of the restaurants in the area open today gone tomorrow.

Oh, and let's not forget that big Hilton Hotel going up on the square that most downtown business owners were opposed to that will be squeezed in tightly in a one block square lot and have a restaurant in it as well but guess what no parking for the 300 guest.

The city’s idea for this gives it spaces in the parking garage so now anyone going downtown has no place to park. And why would anyone stay on our square anyway?

There is no reason for them to come here because there is nothing going on here like in other cities. The parking garage is too far for older people who want to eat at Ivy House & Harry's but have to be dropped off in front of the restaurants and one person has to walk back alone after parking. And the brick layers could not lay one block of bricks evenly in front of the Marion Theater and Ivy House so when you drive over them your teeth fall out from your vehicle bouncing all over the place.

Apartments across from city hall with unfinished ceilings and balconies so small you can hardly fit a chair and table on and a view of a parking garage and the side of city hall for an outrageous cost. Not sure what our city leaders are thinking. But one thing is certain they definitely want to keep us in low-waged jobs and they also want there to be nothing here for us to do big concert or entertainment wise.

Maybe that is why we have our jails and prisons so full to capacity. Lack of boredom and nothing to do. Yes, it really does seem our leaders like our people to be uneducated, poor and have nothing that will benefit them. Shame on the views for a no future with nothing that our city leaders are providing and doing for the people of Marion County.

Edward Pirigyi




Great Olmos Column

Excellent opinion piece by Dr. Olmos.  When my sister read it, she called me and told me that he "....said everything that you've been saying for years." To which I asked her if she thought I was kidding?  As a deputy sheriff for one of the biggest counties in New York State for 28 years and now retired, I have told my sisters, cousins, friends, neighbors and colleagues that when and if they get stopped, just be nice.  That goes a long way.  The old adage of “the best defense is a good offense” does not work and is counter-productive.  

I also used to get all those snide remarks from people when I would hand them a ticket.  When someone would say that I had "… to fulfill a quota," I would answer "..no, my Lieutenant said I can write as many tickets as I want."  The other remarks are just invective meant to insult and I would forgive them.

Of course, in one instance, I stopped a woman who was speeding (15 mph over the limit). I thought I would ask her if she knew why I stopped her and she would say “was I speeding?” and I would say “yes, slow down and have a nice day.”  But no.  When I asked her if she knew why I stopped her, her reply was, “What is this, 20 questions?" That ended the conversation. She got a ticket and saw her again in court.  If she received a traffic summons, she received it "by her own hand" as they say.

Another good experience to see what not to do is YouTube.  Write in “traffic stops" and any observer will ask why did he or she say that?  Just comply with the requests of the officer.  

Dr. Anthony C. LoBalbo

Beverly Hills, Florida