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Paper Too Big

Hate the new size format. Go back to the old. Who came up with this idea?

Myra McDonough


Celebrate Mothers

The traditions observed during the myriad of holidays on our calendars are as diverse and personal as the individuals who observe them.

One of the sweetest and most profound memory I hold dear occurred on Mother's Day in the mid-40s when I was very young. My father and I were taking our usual Sunday walk when he saw a man standing on the corner selling flowers. My father bought two carnations, one white, one pink. He proceeded to pin the pink one on my coat, and the white one on his jacket. “These are to honor mothers,” he explained. “If your mother is still alive, you wear pink; if she has died, you wear white.” His mother had just died in post-war Germany of diabetes.

Honor and thoughtfulness are rare today, but just as important. I hope this tradition still lives. Happy Mother's Day!

Irene Fortuna


Go Back to Smaller Paper

You can count me in with the folks who prefer the previous size of the paper. That size was just fine for reading while sitting in my recliner. The new size is just too unwieldy for that; I have to remove to the kitchen table. 

Mike Shevlin


The Healthcare Game

 Do you know how to play it?  I do not, and it may end up costing me my life.

Obama said I could keep my health plan, and I did: the F plan. The best there is. So, good they are discontinuing it, telling us to buy the G plan. I have never paid one penny co-pay. The F plan is pricey, but the only way I will be able to keep it is if I can afford the new gigantic premium. So, the game goes on, and I do pay the increase, what next?

Some people think healthcare is the new candy store, and services are woefully lagging behind demand. So severely that if you have a bacterial infection and a doctor referral, the wait is two months for an appointment. You could be dead in that amount of time. That is happening a lot according to an article in the newspaper. Thousands of elderly are being allowed to die.

If I go to a doctor it is because I am pushed, shoved, frightened and cajoled. It has to be serious, none of this hangnail stuff. When someone says doctor it has to be serious, or it is a no go. I have been my own best doctor. Have not had a cold in 50 years. I know me, and take care of me. Who else is supposed to be responsible for me?

So, I have my insurance sans the care part. How do we rectify that issue? Is it just sham care, phony care, pretend care, care if you can get it? Anyone have any clues, I am listening. This is a serious issue: life and death. Those with pre-existing conditions are being treated, but at the expense of the elderly, who are the sacrificial lambs. Everyone does not win. As with everywhere else universal coverage has been tried, this is a failure as well. Citizens of the shining star, Sweden, must now buy insurance if they want health care that matters. Nothing is ever for free, it cannot happen. You get what you pay for. Chairs in the grocery store, drugstore, walk-in clinics. Nary a doctor in sight. Is this good enough? Quality be damned. Adequate be damned. Just so you can say the words health care that is good enough.

Just because one is old does not mean they want to die. The old should have choice. Die? Not die? I have seen it happen. Friends allowed to die. The helplessness is unbearable.  It happens to veterans, too. We lost two in our group.

Anyone know where or how we can find an uncorrupt government? Our founding fathers tried as hard as they knew how, but, alas, they failed. Ours is about as corrupt as they come.

Every few months more and more healthcare administration is being absorbed into a government bureaucracy. More bureaucrats, more control, more surveillance, more money, less and less for patient care. How does that benefit citizens? Is that OK with you ?

There is a pack of papers waiting for me in order that I can attend my next appointment. If it keeps increasing, soon we all will become book authors. How much paperwork is too much, and why is it necessary? How does it make healthcare better?

Citizens are supposed to rule? Aren’t we? Why are we ceding control to the government? Vote for people who think we are the ones with the brains, or are we?


D.I. Larson