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Thank You!

About three weeks ago my wife and I were at Bob Evans having dinner. A few people stopped to thank me for my service as I am a World War II veteran.  We asked for our check and we were told it was covered.

Thank you again from a World War II veteran. You made our day.  No one had ever done something like that before.

God bless you and keep you safe.

R. H.  Trout

Oak Run 


Others Don’t Have Golf Courses, Too

Thanks for the front page photos and very nice write up on our community. However, we are not the only retirement community without a golf course. For example, Pine Run and Palm Cay come to mind.

Diane Bress

Marion Landing


Insightful Articles

I am writing on behalf of myself (co-director) and our director, Janet Smith at College Road Baptist Church and our ESL (English as a Second Language) program which has been in existence 15 years. We have had approximately 950 students (from 40 countries) come through our doors since 2004.  The South Marion Citizen (and the West Marion Messenger) has been very helpful to us and we appreciate the support.  

We are writing to congratulate you on taking the leadership role as editor.  You are making a difference!  The stories you are providing to the community are both insightful and informative, particularly the series on "Social Security" and “The Taxman.”  We are both avid readers of the articles each week.  The new features (Poll Questions) and (Grammar Tip) provide added interest and are useful.

Again, we appreciate your efforts and look forward to hearing from you.  

Natalie Prim, Co-Director

ESL at College Road Baptist Church


Paper Too Big

Why can't the newspaper be shorter like it was before.  I've read complaints about it being too big from others. I agree with the lady who wrote about the filling of the paper. 

It seems that you have all the articles, you and Oak Run and the churches. What happened to the information under "The Happenings"?  I missed some yard sales today, didn't know about them, not listed in the paper.  This paper is for the communities and all information should be provided.

Pam Anderson



Need More Local, Political Coverage

I agree with some of the Letters to the Editor you are getting.  We need more local news versus all those other extra articles you are putting in.  I hope you will cover the next Coalition meeting.  I am sure there is lots more local political news that could be addressed.

Patricia Woodbury


Trump Voters Half a Brain

Why would anyone with a half a brain vote for Donald Trump? Let me count the ways.

1.   No one else with power and money has stepped forward to help stave off the impending catastrophe about to befall us.

2.   The divide is between globalists and nationalists.

3.   The power lusters are telling you in their CFR magazine Foreign Affairs what they have planned for the future. A global world ruled by one government under their jurisdiction. If the election had gone the other way, we would now have had our sovereignty ceded to the UN. America would be history.

4.   Free trade {it is all about money and power} as opposed to quality trade {about goods that are worth the prices charged}.

5.   Do the test: See how many candidates are globalists, and how many nationalists. Britain is trying to Brexit the EU globalist entity. EU was not a good deal for Britain. Do we want to take on that globalist yoke, or remain free?

That is the choice, anyone who tries to hide that fact, is deceiving you.

 7. If you are going to vote for a candidate please do an in depth       study of what they will do to you? Is freedom or stuff your priority?

8. One side keeps making false claims for their own specious reasons. Do you want the dole or earned stuff?

9. Claims are made that are not true, just to fit their narrative.

People at the highest level of the intellectual pyramid are refuting their claims, but the power luster’s bluster their falsehoods on an on.

10. Their falsehoods have not worked anywhere in any country on this planet, when will we “get it?

11, Trump is not a politician, nor an angel, but he is better than the alternative. Politicianism: synonyms corrupt, and globalist.

12. Do people vote to cut their own throats?

13. Capitalism needs a good housecleaning the greedy have corrupted that as well, but it is better than the alternatives, which have failed repeatedly.

14. Everything looks good on paper, but everything can be corrupted by greedy people.

15. Every candidate running for office is wealthy, and most have a number of homes, what does that tell you. Do you think they are going to give you any of their wealth or homes, or are they just after power to make more money? Look up Pelosi, or Waters, or any of the others.

16. Trump is a nationalist, he has that going for him, and the others do not. Nationalism is my number one priority.

17. I want freedom, free stuff be damned. Poverty is preferable to slavery.  Look at Venezuela, and say that is what you want.

 D.I. Larson



Big Paper Hard to Read

The new layout of the Citizen stinks. It is very hard to read in its current format. Go back to the tablet layout.

Tony Fiorentine



Stop Complaining

To some crying about the larger paper, I learned how to read a full-size paper in the 5th grade.

Just fold it in half lengthwise as you do with any full size paper such as the Star Banner, NY Times etc., etc. I am appreciative Bill Koch as he writes sensible articles and the paper is much more interesting. My only comment is he allows "Letters" that are much too long as in the latest issue, and gave up half way thru, this was a column not a letter.

Erwin Fluss



Editor is Biased and Boring

Bill, please discontinue making your personal articles the majority of the paper's content weekly. I guess you can't get correspondents from the communities but your very biased comments are getting very old and much too plentiful. Your comment at the end of the article on Marion Landing in today's paper makes it sound great and I'm sure it is but it definitely is not the only community in Marion County without a golf course. Just within the area with Ocala addresses but, located in the County  there are Cherrywood Estates, Palm Cay, Pine Run, Fairfield Village, Bahia Oaks, Saddle Oaks, Foxwood Farms and many more. Within Marion County there are way more communities without golf courses than those with one.

Al Pitts