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Abortion Laws Reveal Corruption

The one-day privacy law is widely known as the abortion law. You have an abortion one day. And Roe vs. Wade applies then.

Why aren’t women in control of their bodies on the day of conception as well? Make it a two-day law? It seems feminists want it both ways.

Some women were in control of their bodies before anyone ever thought of this right to privacy. Women have always had the right and responsibility, and exercised it. We decided if we wanted three, or six, or 12 children.

Roe vs. Wade only supplants the right to responsibility. That is the crux of feminists, females wanting special dispensation from responsibility. Look at the mess they make of the things they touch.

Equal rights for all are fair. However, that is not what feminism is all about. It is about the sup plantation by the macho broads for the macho dudes. Feminism is about power-lusting women. Feminists want power, money and sex just like the macho dudes The female of the species is always deadlier, the toxics. Other perspectives are as legitimate as feminist views, and deserve a hearing.

Strong women, smart women can make it on their own. Compete fairly. That is not at all what feminism is about. Suffragettes had little in common with feminists. Suffragettes wanted the vote, but there was no mention of qualifications to vote. All voters need to be informed. That should have been included in the right to vote petition. Some form of knowledge requirement. Uninformed voters are a detriment to society. Some of my friends rely on my research for a guide to vote, think they should invest the time and effort to acquaint themselves with candidates and issues, voting is too important.

Look at our current Congress. Laws, votes, and responsibilities have consequences. We need to do research before we embrace issues, and candidates. Freedom requires diligence against the power-lusting corrupters.

D.I. Larson, Ocala


What Happened to Lowry?

What happened to Rick Lowry’s column? If Sunday’s program “Meet the Press” has him on why does the Citizen and the Messenger not carry his column anymore? I miss reading his column.

Regarding Trump. Has any past or present leader insulted a hero who while serving our country was a prisoner of war for five years. Remember John McCain.

Ronald Reagan said, “Tear down this wall,” and it happened. Trump said, “Build a wall.” Hitler said, “Concentration camps – separate men and women – children go with mothers.” Trump said, “Separate families – parents together –infants, toddlers and young children in cages.”

Trump has bone spurs, and was exempt from the draft. He has had three wives and numerous affairs while married. He refuses to reveal income taxes. The White House staff comes and goes. Why? Makes one wonder about loyalty.

This is free speech. See Amendment One.

Ruth Fraser, Ocala


Digging Deep

I very much enjoyed “the Other Side.” I recommended it to several friends and will await their comments. One friend said “it was a little too deep to understand.” However, she loves how the paper has evolved since you took over.

Keep up the good work.

IngridCrane, Ocala


Learning Good Grammar

I love reading your articles in the Citizen.

Even though I pride myself in being knowledgeable in English grammar, I have learned a lot from your Grammar Tips. I am probably one of those people who tend to over punctuate, particularly in the use of the hyphen and exclamation point.

We never get too old to learn.

My husband and I really enjoy reading the many articles you have contributed to this newspaper.

Mary Walker, Oak Run