Letters to the editor 08-05-2015

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Handicapped spaces
Last week, Editor Jim Clark discussed the lack of enforcement of handicapped parking spaces in lots in West Marion County and suggested that maybe the volunteers in the COPS program could help solve the problem.
I was with the Ocala PD City Watch Program for some time. The volunteers in that program are specially trained and are authorized to issue citations to illegally parked vehicles in marked spaces and in Fire Lanes. Citrus County also has a volunteer program that allows those actions as well as others by volunteers. When I offered to volunteer to do that with MCSO I was told that they were not interested because the County Attorney said it couldn’t be done. Since OPD, Citrus County and many other locations around the country use volunteers for this why can’t MCSO do it?
Issuing citations to those who illegally take away a space required by a truly handicapped person or block a Fire Lane is a no-brainer and, although the county’s share of the fines is probably minimal it would be another source of revenue as well as a great help to the many handicapped persons in our county and added accessibility for responses by MCFR and EMS. Like Mr. Clark I have a horse in the race as my fiancée is handicapped and we have handicapped plates on our vehicles.
 Albert Pitts
Cherrywood Estates

Obama doesn’t care
A young white woman is senselessly killed by an illegal Mexican immigrant in San Francisco a sanctuary city.
Mind you, he was deported five times and had seven convictions. Why was that creature on the street in the first place?
Yet! President Obama doesn’t even mention this travesty or have the decency to call her family.
Contrast that to those law enforcement vs. minorities issues like in Ferguson, Missouri. At those times he’s quick to come down on the police while making excuses for black law breakers. Mind you, even getting his own administration involved.
Now we have four Marines and a sailor slain by a very likely Muslim extremist. Of course this has to be very unpleasant for our president who will not say “Radical Islam” or even fly the flag at half staff at the White House. What a disgrace!
Hopefully, after 2016 we’ll have a president who cares for us all and has his priorities straight.
Bob Cronin

Affordable Care
I am perplexed by those who are so eager to overturn the Affordable Care Act, a law that provides health care to millions of people.
Do they think it’s just fine that Americans die routinely of preventable and treatable illnesses because they have no insurance?
Why is it that the same people who are oppose public funding for medical care have no problem with public funding for education?
Is it because health care is some sort of privilege, rather than a right? Is education only deserved by those who can afford it?  What sort of convoluted logic is that?
Gerard Chapdelaine
Oak Run