Managing the Newspaper World

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You may love your local newspaper.

It hopefully serves as a valuable source of information, entertainment, insight and current events, all in one.

You may even have something of an intellectual relationship with your newspaper. But like any relationship, sometimes, for a few, unrealized expectations or differing priorities may sour that bond for a time. And as with any relationship, misunderstandings can lead to disappointment or disillusionment, which often arise from certain assumptions or longing for the “old ways.”

On the broader horizon, some readers may reluctantly mature in their relationship with the establishment media. After a time, as is evinced in the mainstream press, many readers and viewers tire of what they see as an overbearing and, increasingly, heavy-handed bias.  

In these moments, you’re choosing to read the South Marion Citizen or the West Marion Messenger. Although the publications are weekly, they reach about 40,000 readers with each edition.

Readers, naturally, have different perspectives, desires and expectations. While the swath of coverage for these two newspapers may hold a more homogenous ideological slant compared to others in more diverse regions, the publications are still commercial enterprises with the aim of catering within their journalistic scope to this particular segment of the population.

The industry as whole is certainly evolving – and not for the better. Perhaps the seeming slow-motion demise of America’s fourth estate is emblematic of its departure from that once noble mission. It ought, nonetheless, to be the calling of the free press: the pure dissemination of human events.

As with that original intent, we at these two newspapers aspire to reach that “old-fashioned” goal within our available constraints and with the resources we have at our disposal.

In one aspect, we strive to make a difference by providing hyperlocal coverage with our talented group of community correspondents. However, our foremost mission remains – to meet and exceed the clarion tenets of journalistic objectivity, clarity and excellence. Our aim is to row upstream in the mainstream.

Those are our priorities. That is what we are and that is why we will continue to do what we have been doing – with as much honor and dignity as we can muster.

We will occasionally make adjustments to accommodate shifting dynamics and assuage concerns. But we will pursue unequivocally our vision of providing you with the best and most targeted newspaper in the area. Along the way, as we continue to rise to the occasion, we will be making fitting alterations to improve our products.

So, hang on for the ride. We do have you in mind.