Ocala Palms 97-year-old resident is quite the ‘Firecracker’

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Rose Werner celebrates Halloween

By Barb Dedics

Rose Werner has been a resident of Ocala Palms for the past 17 years, having moved here from her home state of Illinois. This 97-plus-year-old lady and working mother has seen many changes in the country and has survived her two siblings. She is an avid lover of animals having raised the infamous spotted Dalmatians, some of which were champions in several competitions before moving to Florida. It is believed she is the oldest lady living at Ocala Palms.

Up until a few years ago, she was quite the “jitterbug” dancer and the life of the party. Now she says she thinks after hip surgery she has lost her touch due to her “pivot leg” just doesn’t want to cooperate. This doesn’t stop her from being the sole person to decorate her home inside and out for all the holidays. She says even at this age, she likes to keep busy with creating many crafts and absolutely loves the Florida sun.

She is also fortunate to have her daughter Carol Pellett live close by and several neighbors who offer to help her should she need anything. Being the independent person she is...she’s the one who helps them in many ways. Her favorite hobby is to decorate her home for all holidays.