Ocala Palms appreciates teachers

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By Barb Dedics


Ocala Palms

The Community of Ocala Palms has some 40-plus residents who retired from the workforce as educators. Several others are still teaching in local area schools. Among these individuals, they have hundreds of years of experience and most surely have made a positive impact on many of our lives.

Not one of us would be where we are today, had it not been for this caring profession. Fortunately, as I write this article I reflect on my youth and realize the efforts made by those teachers who had a positive impact on my life. Yes, we may have learned our ABC’s and numbers from our parents prior to starting school, but for the most part, we were taught so much more by a teacher.

In all walks of our lives, we are so fortunate to have had an education and to be able to further our life’s dreams and goals. Whether that path led us to be a soldier, blue collar worker, doctor, lawyer, fireman, law enforcement officer or whatever path we chose to take, we were all influenced by a teacher along life’s journey.

As one former teacher told me she didn’t consider it a job, but a passion to teach. Even to this day, young or old, we can learn something new from a retired teacher.

To all those teachers who have chosen this rewarding and sometimes trying career, thank you! The long hours you gave of yourself show not only your professionalism in your field, but your passion for teaching.