Stone Creek news 08-09-2017

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A ‘new craze’ as you paint your rock

By Patricia Gizzi


Apparently, there is a “new craze” in the area that is painting river rocks and then leaving the rocks around town in the hopes of someone finding your rock. These rocks are a way to spread cheer and happiness in the community. A little more kindness is needed and so if this “new craze” adds some, we should all be out there painting rocks.

According to a Today Show story on the online phenomenon, communities all across the country have attracted tens of thousands of their residents to take part.

Megan Murphy, a Massachusetts life coach who started the Kindness Rocks Project, told the Today Show, “The project is about people. ... It’s about after people find a rock and they have that feeling about the rock and realize there’s another human being who actually gets them.

They realize they are not alone in this world.” “This is something as simple as painting a rock and leaving it somewhere to put a smile on someone’s face. It’s simple and it’s positive,” said rock painter Cricket Hackmann.

According to Hackmann, there are two Facebook groups – Southern Boone Rocks and SoBoCo Rocks, and they were started in July.

The idea is simple. People paint rocks bright colors or with short messages on them and hide them – preferably in plain sight – so that people find them.

The person who finds the rock can take a photo of it or a selfie with the rock and post it to one of the Facebook pages.

Then they can replace the rock with one they’ve painted or re-hide the rock they found.

Recently, I was in Cape Cod and while there, we came across a garden filled with rocks of all sizes and shapes.

They were outside a store and the woman who owned the shop, came out to tell my grandchildren that it was ‘fairy garden’ and if there were rocks that spoke to us we could take them.

I spotted one in the shape of a heart and took it home to Ocala to remind me of family time in Cape Cod.

My granddaughter, Addison picked up many rocks asking the store owner if you could take more than one. She was told yes.

Later that evening, Addison gave each adult a stone that she had chosen for us.

While different than hiding a stone, it still had the same effect – it gave the recipient joy and happiness.

The Stone Creek residents were given all the supplies needed to show their creativity to create a great rock and share in the community.

Stone Creek has many creative people so the rocks placed around our community will be varied and different.

Don Laurie took his granddaughter, Madison Spicer to be a part of the ‘new craze.’

While I am not aware of where these rocks were placed, be on the outlook for a painted rock. You can take the rock and put it in another place or take it home.

There will be another session later in the month on Wednesday, Aug. 16 from 1 to 3 p.m. to paint your rock.

Thanks to Kim and Chelsey for bringing this “new craze” to the Stone Creek residents.

To making someone happy….