Super Bowl brings rivalry – friendly

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Villagers take sides

By Priscilla Geissal


 Are you a “Packer” or a “Steeler”?  That was my question to a representative sampling of Fairfield Villagers.  I had to add another nomenclature---“don’t care.”  The tally is in and the votes are fairly representative of what I have seen on the sports networks. 

 The following are the percentages taken from the 100 people surveyed here in Fairfield Village (in alphabetical order for unbiased reasons) and so that the residents will allow me to continue to live here and write this column for my favorite weekly newspaper.          

         Who Do You Hope Wins the XLV Super Bowl?

                               Don’t care------29 %      

                              Packers ---------40 %      

                              Steelers--------31 %      

                              Total------------100 %   

 Prior to game time, the Green Bay Packers are a very slight favorite over the Pittsburgh Steelers  with the Fairfield Village “don’t cares” running a close 3rd. 

This third group probably represents the people who like the commercials or the half-time show; or, perhaps, they just do not like football—which is certainly acceptable as well.

 The accompanying photo is a fun-filled representation of avid football fans that are “pulling for” the Packers or the Steelers.

The four gentlemen who agreed to pose for the photos are all very good sports and all agreed that there would certainly be no hard feelings after the game.  The big “Steeler” guys are Bob Kelsch and Billy Sibley.  The wirey (not to be called little) “Packer” guys are Jim LePage and Phil Geissal.

 Georgia Girls (like me and my female family members) watch the Super Bowl with lots of enthusiasm for the team with the cutest players—a severely overlooked criterion for the winning team!!  Perhaps this is true for Female Football Fans from other states in this great United States of America as well. I spent 65 of my 70 years in Rome, GA; therefore, I do not have a lot of knowledge about FFF’s from the other 49 states. 

 I am, however, open to comments from any readers (male or female) after the completion of the Super Bowl game; and I very seriously encourage comments and/or suggestions at any time.  Since my deadline is prior to game time, I will be happy to devote another column to “comments from readers” after the Super Bowl Champs are named and the Vince Lombardi Trophy for 2011 is presented to the winning team.

  Please feel free to contact me at pbgeissal@aol.com because I am traveling north this week and will be in dire need of warm, Florida sunshine comments. These will help to keep me warm and to prove what I tell people that Fairfield Village is a warm and beautiful community which is “…a lively place filled with lovely eople.”