West Marion is approved for more expansion

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Ocala Health announces it will add 36 more beds to West Marion Community Hospital’s campus. The 138-bed hospital will have 174 beds in early 2019 when the new floor opens.

The West Marion Community Hospital facility opened as part of Ocala Health in 2002 with 70 beds. Since 2015, the hospital has added 68 beds and expanded its cardiac services and surgical technology with the addition of a robotic surgical system.

“West Marion Community Hospital and Ocala Health are dedicated to growing to meet the needs of our community and working with patient-centered specialists to provide superior quality care. We’re excited to continue expanding to better serve our community.” says Chad Christianson, Ocala Health CEO

Ocala Health's facility investments

n West Marion Community Hospital (138 beds to 174 beds)

n Completed 9 emergency department treatment rooms (December 2017)

n Completed 4 operating rooms with 12 additional PACU beds (December 2017)

n Completed 36 inpatient beds and 8 step-down beds (March 2018)

n Announcing 36 additional inpatient beds (early 2019)

$62.7 million Investment

Ocala Regional Medical Center (222 beds to 256 beds)

n Adding 12 emergency department treatment rooms (Q3 2019)

n Adding 34 inpatient beds (Q2 2019)

n Adding 2 operating rooms (December 2018)

n Redesigning Central Sterile Supply (Q3 2018)

n Upgrading 11-bed Cath recovery

n Completed addition of Bi-Plane (March 2018)

n Redesigning Pharmacy (August 2018)

n $56.8 million Investment

Ocala Health encompasses Ocala Regional Medical Center, a 222-bed facility located in the heart of Ocala, and West Marion Community Hospital, a 138-bed hospital located in west Marion County, and Summerfield ER, a freestanding emergency department located in southern Marion County. Ocala Health has the only Commission on Cancer approved cancer center in Marion County. The hospitals offer a host of other quality and award winning services including bariatric surgery, orthopedic care and joint replacement, robotic surgery, cardiac and vascular services including open heart surgery and interventional procedures, emergency, neurological and rehabilitation services. Ocala Regional Medical Center is also a Level II Trauma Center. Ocala Health’s outpatient facilities include Family Care Specialists, a primary care network of six locations throughout Marion County; Advanced Imaging Centers; a freestanding Wound and Hyperbaric Center; a Senior Wellness Community Center; and two surgical and physician specialty practices.