What's wrong with this picture?

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What’s wrong with this picture?  And June events

People exercise for many reasons – for better health, to improve strength, to meet their friends and enjoy a workout but usually NOT for cake. Recently, a group of women who take the 6 p.m. class Thursday evenings with Leslie Lee decided to enjoy a delicious chocolate cake after a vigorous workout. Leslie holds this 6 p.m. class because many of the women in the class still hold paying jobs. They love that they get a workout in a time slot that fits their needs thanks to fitness director Cheri Erwin.

Now, why the chocolate cake?  Leslie has told the class that if you can say, “I can eat chocolate cake” easily then you are not working hard enough. It does not need to be this phrase but any five word phrase. If you can’t say a five word phrase, then you need to slow down your pace. Well, the group surprised Leslie, a passionate Aquatics Instructor for almost 30 years with a delicious chocolate cake. Now, I just had a strawberry off that cake even though it was very tempting not to have a piece of cake. Leslie is a great instructor allowing everyone to work at his or her own pace. She holds certifications in AEA, WSI, CPR, AED, lifeguard and first-aid and is currently pursuing certification as a personal trainer. Her deep love for water has culminated in a successful business founded in 2007 in Virginia. Recently, she relocated to our area and we are most fortunate to have Leslie teach multiple classes at the Elan Spa and of course on this occasion enjoy a delicious chocolate cake with NO calories!!!

What’s happening in June at Stone Creek?

Our Lifestyle Office has much planned so start marking your calendar. June 4 there is a Spaghetti Dinner, June 6, there is a golf cart drive in movie with popcorn of course. June 7, we get to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day; June 9 is Jammin’ at the Pool; June 14 we celebrate National Bourbon Day; June 16 is Suds and Mustache Bash; June 18 there is water volleyball tournament; June 19 there is the Island Grove Wine Company tour and tasting field trip; June 20 there is the “Great Escape Challenge” followed by a Margarita Social and snacks; June 22 is the Pioneers of Rock n’ Roll; June 26 is another field trip to Hammer and Stain DIY workshop. Besides the finds things to do, there are many workshops. So mark your calendars and come on out and enjoy!

June brings many birthday – happy birthday to my neighbor, John Josephs who is 95 years young on June 1 and Terry Quinn, my sister who turns 86 on June 5 and to all those who celebrate a birthday or wedding anniversary in June. Enjoy the month of June and all it has to offer here at Stone Creek!