Who Are You?

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By Bill Koch

We’ve never met. Well, we’ve probably never met. I only know a handful of people in the communities our two newspapers serve in Marion County.

We reach a lot of eyeballs: 40,000-60,000. (That’s assuming most of our readers have two eyes.) Many, many minds are currently pondering the deeper meaning of the content – and the ads – we regularly deliver to our readers.

Let’s talk about the Messenger’s community reach: Golden Hills, Ocala Palms, Fairview Villages, Stone Creek, Fore Ranch, Quail Meadows and Foxwood Farms.

Now let’s look at the Citizen’s communities: Oak Run, On Top of the World, Pine Run, Countryside Farms, Majestic Oaks, Hidden Lake, Woods and Meadow Estates, Paddock Farms, Saddle Oak Club, Deer Creek, Cherrywood Estates, Hardwood Trails, Candler Hills, Country Oaks and Harvest Meadows.

That’s a lot of nifty-sounding communities. It makes you wonder what was going on in the imaginative minds of those communal forbears.

Majestic Oaks? Can I picture it?

Deer Creek? Are there deer and a real creek?

Saddle Oak Club? Why would you try?

On Top of the World? According to who?

Hidden Lake? How do you even find it?

I hope I’m not missing any communities. I get the feeling there might be a subtle undercurrent of demographic sibling rivalry somewhere here.

Anyway, back at the ranch. Hmm. That might be a good name for a new community.

What’s in these communities? Who lives in them? What makes them unique? What do they look like?

Do the residents of Hidden Lake (wherever that it) know anything about Foxwood Farms? Do the residents of Harvest Meadows know why residents of Fore Ranch call their community Fore Ranch?

Well, I want to find out. I’m looking for some correspondents who might be interested in talking about their communities. What, for example, is Mr. and Mrs. Whyme, originally from Three Forks, Kentucky, planning for the next homeowners’ association meeting? How about that new pool the developer is building?

You decide what you write. (Sort of.)

In the meantime, I’m developing plans to enter your communities to learn more. Initially, I’ll be taking pictures so that everyone can see why your community is the greatest.

By the way, we’re doing a meet the editor event at Freedom Library on May 8. Hope you show up. We should have bagels and coffee. Maybe some donuts.

I won’t be making any speeches, unless you want me to. I may mumble or snarl a little. I’ll definitely be eating bagels and coffee.

I was a reporter (and editor and other things) for many, many years. And people knew that if they served food it would greatly improve the chances of my attending their events.

By golly, I’m not sure I’d be attending the meet the editor event if we weren’t serving food. I’d leave a picture and be off somewhere eating bagels and drinking coffee.