• Encore - the music continues

    All three men were taking music lessons by age 10. All three men retired to Florida, but one is a part-time resident. All three men remember where they were during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Two of the three men were lawyers, two continued with their music throughout their day careers and all three play together now as Encore.
    Encore is made up of Bob Miller, Stu Saltman and Tony Zecchino. Joining the group on occasion are Jim Hutchison and Jack Cunningham.

  • Couples honored during Valentine's Day event

     A couple married 60 years was honored during the Valentine’s Day dinner and dance at Foxwood Farms Friday evening.

    Raymond and Maralyn Chapin were married April 10, 1951 in Plainfield, Vt.  They were high school sweethearts.

    Even before they were in high school, they were neighbors. They met each other in fifth grade. He was 12. She was 11.

    Fifth grade wasn’t a good year for Ray Chapin. He spent a portion of the school year in the hospital and was held back a year.

  • Give yourself some credit


    By Adon Williams

    Social Security District Manager, Ocala, Fl

    Sometimes people don’t give themselves enough credit. But if you work and pay Social Security taxes, you’re earning credit for yourself every payday -- credit that will pay off later in life when it comes time for retirement, or in the event that you become disabled and are unable to work; credit that can help your family if you die early and need to provide for those who depend on you.

  • Young senior citizen celebrates 91st birthday

    Young senior citizen celebrates 91stbirthday

    The “pot-luck” dinner was very successful. About 40 residents enjoyed a grand array of food and an evening of fellowship. Dot Roberts’ apple pie was still warm from the oven! Dot celebrated her 91stbirthday last Saturday. Dot is a very spry, young senior citizen. She still drives her car and loves to participate in many of our activities.

    Did you know that on Jan. 12th, Florida was the only state that didn’t have snow? Now, aren’t you glad you live here?