• Life underwater enjoyed

    There are two immediate goals for West Port High School student Shelby Bradshaw.

    One is achieving her master’s status in scuba diving and the other is attending the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival this August.

    She first learned to snorkel dive when she was nine but that wasn’t enough. The youngster wanted to swim like the fish. Her father told her scuba diving would give her that opportunity.

  • Serving solar baked pizza

     Making pizza ovens doesn’t sound like a typical project for first graders but that’s what several classes at Saddlewood Elementary School did recently.

    Working in pairs, the first graders turned a pizza delivery box into a solar oven and then made their own individual pizzas, under the watchful eyes of John Linhoss, community sustainability extension agent for Marion County, and their teachers.

  • Program helps with future plans

    One junior at West Port High School thinks working at Disney World would be magical.

    Ariana Maruca would love the opportunity to be a Bella character actor at the popular attraction.

    She’s getting practice for such a role.

    Last week, she was in the school’s production of The Diary of Anne Frank. Before that show, she was Beatrice Chick in Hairspray.

    When she isn’t in school, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, her two dogs and attending Meadowbrook Church.

  • Ninth grader voices her dreams

    She’s only a ninth grader, but Savannah Rose Skye Hirst-Ayers has plans for her life.

    She wants to be an opera star. She wants to go to Scotland. She wants to take classes at the College of Central Florida at the same time she completes her high school career.

    And after high school she wants to attend either Julliard Arts College or Carnegie Mellon University for soprano opera.

  • Sound man plans for the future




    Sound and music are important items in the life of Ignacio Scannone.

    So important, that one day, he wants to major in sound design and studio technology at a Florida school.

    Scannone is a junior at West Port and is in his third year of the drama program.

    He enjoys his involvement with the drama program because of the opportunities to meet and work with a group of   “interesting and talented” people.

  • Monologues bring awards

    March 16 will be a big day for West Port High School senior Julio Chavez.

    As the winner of the Best of the Best Performance award in the 2010 District 12 Thespian Festival he is part of the opening ceremonies, March 16, for this year’s state thespian festival.

  • Students involved in fund raising efforts


    The field of pharmacy is calling Teneal Barwick in her future plans.

    For now, she’s a 10th-grader at West Port High School.  She’s involved in both the drama program and medical programs at the school and she’s an honor student.

    You won’t find Teneal on stage.

  • Acting up isn't just play for student

    When West Port High School drama teacher Janet Shelley decides it’s time to retire, there could be someone waiting in the wings for her job.

    That person is Michael Arvay, one of her ninth-grade students.

    If he doesn’t teach drama, he’d consider pursuing a career in music education, he said.

  • 'Interesting life' to figure into future

    In the orchestra, Reid Shelley plays the violin. In drama, Reid Shelley operates the sound board.  

    He also writes plays. He wrote The Taste of Broadway musical revue produced last weekend at West Port High School.

    Shelley, a senior at West Port High School, wrote two plays for district competition. His entry last year was rated “superior” by judges at district and was forwarded to the state level for competition.

  • Student moves to attend school

    When budget cuts took arts from his high school in a small town in Minnesota, Peter Buffie took matters into his own hands.

    He left home and took up his grandparents’ offer for him to come live with them.

    But before Peter moved to the area, he got on the Internet and started looking for places where he could pursue, what he calls his, “passion for acting.” He found West Port High School in his search and then realized he could travel from his grandparents’ home in Dunnellon to West Port easily.