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  • Horse kissing nets $11,000 for the cause

    Manal Fakhoury earned the right to Kiss the Horse in the second annual campaign to raise funds for the Marion County Literacy Council Friday evening

    Acknowledging there was still promise of more money coming in Karen Hill executive director said the 13 candidates had raised over $11,000 in the campaign.

    Fakhoury, representing Fakhoury Medical and Chiropractic, collected the most money for the honor to kiss the horse.

  • Three-legged dog available for adoption

    Three-legged dog available for adoption

    You’d never guess the hardships Cookie has been through just by looking at her laughing eyes and wagging tail. But the blank space where her front left leg used to be is a jarring reminder of her not-so-distant past. 

    Cookie, a 65-lb. kuvasz dog, arrived at the Animal Center as part of a large-scale cruelty case in April 2010. She was nearly 30 lbs. underweight and filthy when Animal Services found her, along with the nearly 340 dead and 380 live animals on the same property.

  • Special events ring in the holiday

    The Christmas holiday season brings with it a host of special musical programs, reasons to see trains and sightings of Santa Claus. Other activities include a public Menorah kindling ceremony on the city square and the chance to see the Liang Acrobatics perform at a special event at Circle Square Commons.

    Community invited

    To Menorah lighting

  • Blind center requests help

     The big mission for the Florida Center for the Blind is helping clients maintain an independent life style by teaching a different way of doing the same activities they did before losing their sight.

    The four full-time teachers, seven part time staffers, and a host of volunteers are teaching students, ages 14 to 90, how to travel safely using a white cane in the community even when it means climbing aboard a bus, computer technology, reading Braille, new hobbies and socialization during the arts and leisure portion of the program.

  • Campaign nears finish line

    December 3 will be a gala evening at the Ocala Equestrian Complex.

    It’s the night someone is going to kiss the horse for literacy in the Second Annual Kiss Off.

  • Community raises $24,000 for cause

    Ocala Palms Golf & Country Club may be known as a 55 plus “retirement” community, but the residents are very active when it comes to reaching out to help many needy organizations. Once again several residents of this community contributed to a worthy cause!

  • Musical on stage this weekend

    Once on Broadway, then the movie theatre and this weekend it is here.

    A group of talented students from the Marion County Center for Arts Omega Theatre Company will present the musical Hairspray on stage at the West Port High School Performing Arts Center.

    The production is the biggest one undertaken by staff and students at the magnet program for gifted and talented high school students in the performing and visual arts. Students enrolled in program must audition or show a portfolio of their work for acceptance into the school.

  • The surrogate hands of Jesus

  • OFR to go door to door

    In response to the recent deaths from house fires within the county and City of Ocala firefighters from Ocala Fire Rescue will go from door to door in the City of Ocala later this month to ensure that residences have working smoke alarms.

    The deaths in the recent fires were in homes where there were no operating smoke alarms, said Battalion Chief Brian Stoothoff.

    Firefighters in uniform will conduct the door-to-door campaign for two weeks, from Nov. 19 through Dec. 4.

  • Honored with trip

    One hundred and two veterans – each with a different story - all had served in World War II.

    The 102 veterans were on the second Honor Flight trip to leave from Ocala carrying Marion County veterans to Washington D.C. Each veteran on the trip wore a name tag denoting they were VIP.

    The chartered jet left around 8 a.m. Thursday morning for the one hour, 30-minute flight to Baltimore carrying the veterans and 70 volunteers. Once there the group was split, as per their hat color, to three different buses for a trip to the World War II monument.