Lilly Baron, Molly and the SPCA of Ocala Board of Directors were acknowledged Jan 15 with a Proclamation designating January “Marion County Animal Abuser Registry Awareness Month.” Lilly Baron, Molly, and the board of directors were instrumental in the formation and passage of “Molly's Law” which included the Marion County Animal Abuser Registry creation. With the help of the newly elected leaders in Tallahassee, they hope to use “Molly's Law” as a guideline for statewide implementation.
County forwards EAR to state

By David Davis


The very first thing commissioners said during public discussion Tuesday is the “Coastal Connector is dead in Marion County.”

Commission Chair Michelle Stone said she saw, “a lot of inaccuracies – and saw a lot of social media urging you to be here to stop the toll road. Thank you for being here, but we are not talking about a toll road today.”