Today's Opinions

  • Playing with hate

    We’ve landed our time machines in 2019, nearly two decades into the 21st century.

    This is supposed to be the future. Technology is whipping around us like a whirlwind, providing us with convenience, marvel and unparalleled access to information.

    But still.

    While comparative economics may suggest we’ve got it made, the landscape is littered with strange, horrific debris.

  • Murder, Mayhem and Mischief

    We’ve been doing it for generations. It’s almost a mandatory human trait, reserved for (but not exclusive to) mature adults, a kind of rite of passage into the higher realms of enlightenment and grownup wisdom.

    What is it?

    It’s our proclivity for complaining about the condition of our country. We can also throw in the ever-popular “youth today” (or, for some, “the church today”) to bolster our perceived sense of sage analyses of world affairs and intellectual and moral superiority.

  • Take a Deep Breath with Your Mouth Shut

    A college English professor used to set aside 30 minutes every two weeks for his students to critique their essays.

    It was Advanced Exposition, a junior level English course.

    The professor often hemmed and hawed during lectures, which irritated most of his students.

    During our one-on-one time with Dr. Whateverhisnamewas, he would brutalize us. Many of us would leave those sessions looking for synonyms for shame, depression, humiliation, disgrace and remorse.

  • Law and Order: Command Presence

    By Ross Olmos

  • Help! Call the Waaambulance!

    She came strolling out of a healthcare center. The temperature outside was about 81 degrees.

    The sky was clear and blue. A very slight breeze stirred the air around her.

    She complained about the weather to the woman walking behind her.

    The woman following her added her comments. Yes, yes. Indeed. It was too hot or humid or something, she moaned, not really putting any heavy thought into her response. Both griped some more, the equipment, the children, the paperwork. It was a mildly pleasant union of disheveled souls.

  • Behind the Irony Curtain

    By Bill Koch

    Alone. Quiet. The child sits. Her mind miles and miles away.

    The teacher is angry, stressed. The girl doesn’t seem to respond. She’s inattentive, gazing out the window. She’s so far away.

    The teacher raises her voice. She’s trying to get the girl, pale and drawn, to focus. The teacher knows this little girl is smart. She’s always been so bright.

  • Are We Idiots?

    Politics once had its lure, and for many it still does. It is, after all, the art of governing, a worthy academic pursuit.

    The nature of the institution of politics has always mandated, in a practical sense, that combatants take an aggressive tack toward opposing ideologies and ideologues. Politics in a democratic republic requires winners and losers. So, you’re in it to win.

  • The Genocide of Mayberry

    By Bill Koch

    In another time, in another world, obnoxious people were quickly afforded the opportunity to make radical adjustments to their attitudes.

    If changes didn’t come promptly enough, thought leaders of the day employed age-old (and often politically incorrect) tools to help expedite the process. After all, bad behavior, left unattended, had a bad tendency to morph into bad lifestyle decisions.