• The Humane Society of Marion County benefited from a recent sock hop held in Ocala Palms.

    The event raised almost $1600 for the non-profit agency. Besides the ticket sales, there was a 50/50 raffle, a silent auction and additional donations were made through the evening.

    Those attending the dance came with donations of dog and cat food too.

    Billy D an Ocala Palms resident was the DJ for the evening. Noelie and the Greyhounds added to the evening with their doo-wop performance.

    Photos courtesy of Pat Koon



  • Two and half years ago, Stone Creek resident, Kathy Morales saw a need and started the group, Community Stitchers.

    The group's purpose is to give back and make a difference in the community through the group's love of sewing. The group has grown and evolved. It is hoped that as residents learn more about the group, more residents will participate in this great community outreach.

    The group meets monthly to sew and visit with each other. Some of the ladies do not sew but cut items as well as iron.

  • Today, as I write this, it is “Groundhog Day”. Punxsutawney Phil, way up in Pennsylvania, saw his shadow, so he predicts another six weeks of winter.

    However, General Beau Lee, in Lilburn, Georgia, did not see his shadow. Therefore, General Beau says there is not going to be six more weeks of winter!

  • The one Christmas that stands out in my mind, and hopefully in my children's as well, was in 1980. My life seemed to be crumbling all around me. Enduring the pains of that second divorce, well, I knew how tough it was raising three children alone the first time and I would rather take physical pain, any day! Mental pain can be so tough on a human being. Alcoholism had engulfed the marriage and dysfunction ate up the kids. Sobriety lasted a short while. Definitely I didn't give my husband enough time before remarrying him, as I learned later from Al-anon.

  • The trees are decorated in the Reunion Center and the Élan Spa and the activities of festivity have begun at Stone Creek. Life Style Director, Renee Howerton, got the residents in the holiday spirit with the 2005 movie, Merry Christmas on Tuesday, Dec. 8th. On the following Tuesday, Renee has Four Christmases scheduled. Movie night is every Tuesday evening at Stone Creek.

  • Gifts came in all sizes and shapes and for reasons and no reasons at all. Recently, the Crafts of the Mind Book Club of Stone Creek presented the Freedom Library with four gifts. These gifts were books given in memory of Elly (Eleanor) Evans. Elly was an original member of the group and saw the club chartered at Stone Creek. 

  • Every day, Morgan Silver hears from someone saying they can no longer afford to take care of their horse or horses.

    Silver is the founder of the Horse Protection Association of Florida, a farm in Micanopy where horses are kept until new homes are found for them.

    Over the Thanksgiving holidays, 56 thoroughbreds were surrendered to the organization by the owner. There are 21 broodmares, eight 2- and 3-year-old colts, nine 2- and 3-year-old fillies, seven weanlings still at their mothers' sides and four stallions that Silver said were ready for adoption of that group.

  •  The holiday season is upon us – a time of reflection and of giving. There is no selfless gift greater than the offering of one’s time and talent, the gift of volunteerism. Of volunteers beloved American humor columnist Erma Bombeck has said they “are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another.”